Amberley Social History (ASH)              26/05/22


Social history has been defined as the field of history that looks at the lived experience of the past, and that’s what this website mainly addresses: what it was like to live in Amberley in the past. 


The website has three objectives:

  • to provide a place where information and material which relate in some way to life in Amberley and its people can be made available to all; 

  • to provide help and guidance on how to use this and other resources for research; 

  • to provide a place to publish such research. 


The sections below contain a miscellany of material: documents, photographs, press cuttings, transcriptions of source material.  All this material is either contained within the web pages or can be downloaded.


Please contribute to ASH: If you have material which you know or think is relevant to Amberley’s social history, let us know.  If the material is already in electronic form, so much the better, but that doesn’t matter.  We will digitise non-electronic material and return the originals to you.  Most of the material on the site has been digitised from original documents and photographs.


Much material on this website doesn’t fit cleanly into one specific section, and where such material covers more than one topic, it has been placed in one section but is linked to from others.  So you should always be able to access material on a specific topic, regardless of where it has actually been placed on the website.


In the various sections you will also find suggestions for research topics or for preparing additional material related to Amberley history.  These suggestions are shown in red.  Let us know if you follow up or would like to be involved any of these suggested projects. 


Who? What? Where? When? 

There are often questions associated with the material here, particularly in the case of photographs. Who is present or what is shown in the photo? Where and when was it taken?  If you know the answer(s), please let us know.



There are many hyperlinks on the website which take you to another webpage or website, or allow you to download documents.  Many downloadable documents, particularly ones which we have created (usually Word, Excel or pdf files) contain hyperlinks to websites or to other downloadable documents.  To access such websites or to download documents from within a document, from Windows you can do this clicking on the link.  (If this doesn’t work, try pressing the CTRL button on your keyboard then left-clicking your mouse or right-clicking your mouse and selecting ‘Open Hyperlink’.)


Copyright and reproduction

Use Creative Commons.



Sources and resources

Information about material which can help with research into Amberley’s social history, including material which has been digitised for this website and can be downloaded.


General information about Amberley

Information about the parish of Amberley, spellings of Amberley, street naming in Amberley, maps of Amberley and the surrounding area.


Oral histories

Recorded interviews with Amberley inhabitants.  These recordings often provide information related to other research topics, eg house histories, Amberley School.  The recordings are downloadable.



Information about people and families with associations with Amberley. 



 ‘Places’ include individual buildings, farms, and geographical places (eg Amberley Wild Brooks, Amberley Mount) in and around Amberley.


Community activities

This topic is rather general, but covers anything but church and school activities (which have their own sections of the website - Religion and Education).  Also included here is information about local disputes, anti-social behaviour, and crime.



Includes material about schools in Amberley, their staff and pupils.



There’s nothing here – yet!



Includes material on the Amberley churches – St Michael’s parish church, the Congregation Church, and also St Edmund’s catholic church at Houghton – and their ministers and congregations.  


Transport and communications

People and goods: road, rail, river.  Electronic communications: telephone; broadband services.



Anything to do with employment or business in and around Amberley.


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